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Hello everyone!How was today?It is hard to live to everyone.
Are you tired? good? Or bad?Are you OK?

Not to the subject,today we had discussed about a lot of things.
For example about Japanese system of train,good points of travel
by train,bad points,what do you think about the difficulty to foreigner to use japanese train?,and so on.
After that,we trained ability of listening with a CD which has questions

By the way!Did you watch the news about North Korea?
I was surprised but I'm not angry to North Korea.
Almost all perple around me said that "Why North Korea do the such a terrible thing!! North Korea is cruel country."
However please remember the Japanese Histry to ather countries.
Japan had done sooo mamy teriible things to many countries also to North Korea.Japan didn't apologize about it to North Korea even now.We mustn't forget the mistakes that we had taken.
We have to apologize to North Korea sincerely again and again as soon as possible.
We had better to say Thank you. and I'm sorry. as soon as you can. Don't you?
"The pot calls the kettle black.(自分の事を棚に上げて人のことを言う)" It is not good.
We are Japanese,so we have to put our histry on our back.

And I think it is also not good just criticize.
Anyone can criticize but it don't improve our relative and problems.It's not important to criticize but try to understand.
Ather perple have different ideas.It's natural,but we are same -human being-.We are bound to understand each other.
I think it's up to all perple whether we make wonderful world or not!

What do you think about this problems? Please write it on the comment☆

See you soon
【 2006/07/06 22:40 】

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