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2 clubs................
Soooooooooooooooo sooooooooorry
I couldn't write this blog so much.
last my writeing was 9th June......
it's because im belonging one more club except ESS

During this 2(almost 3)months, ジョー and セレステ went back to their home country, U.S and NZ
and now,New ALTs come to Higashi.
One of then is Toby. he is from U.K.
this is the first year in Japan of him
and the other is Peaches, from U.S.
she was teaching in junior high school in Echizen city
this is 3rd year in Japan of her
i didn't talk a lot with them yet, but next week, i will be able to talk with them, i guess!
so i think i can write about them more and more next week!!!
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