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☆Guess game by セレステ☆
Today we enjoyed kinds of guess game
We had taught this game by セレステ
The game was so interesting for me!I love it
We divided ESS member into two groups. In one group,we separated two teams.In this game,we have to draw pictures,and team members have to guess what it is as soon as possible
We competed with another team
It was difficult,but very fun!
My team member-Nathuki-and our enemy team's member-Akiyo- wanted to draw normal person,but they drew the person who has four hands!!Scary
Thank you セレステWe could enjyoy this game so much

↓This is other groupThey are groaning'Difficult~!'


Thank you for readingIf you are ok,please give me message in "comment"
【 2006/10/26 12:18 】

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!! HAPPY Hallo Ween !!
Hello everyone!Do you know about Hallo Ween?
"Trick or treat!"
October 30th is Hallo Ween
So, we decorated 語学演習室
Don't you think it looks pretty?
I think ESS members are all exellent!!
I'm looking forward to come October 30th
Now,I'd like to put some photos on this page

↓語学演習室's doorSo lovery


↓語演's windowsCute ghosts!


↓語演's windows I especialy like the little ghosts☆


↓Witchmade by Mame(Megumi)This is so fearesome that Mame drew it well


Thank you for reading
♫Please enjoy Hallo Ween♪
【 2006/10/23 19:06 】

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♪♫♪Chorus competition♫\(*^O^*)/
Today we did discussion about capital
Do you agree with capital or not? and why?
It was difficult but it is very good to think about difficult problems

Some people say "Crimimal should atone for her or his sin as living with regret."
It's true. If the criminal really repent his sin, he will say "Please kill me."

There are many opinions
It's interesting to know everyone's ideas

After that, we decided the song of chorus competition
The song is ""
We will practise the song and do competition♪♫
It's very exciting plan!
【 2006/10/18 00:01 】

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