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♫☆Exchange program☆♫
From July29th to August 14th, 12 students and 2 English teacher of Takefu Higashi High School visited our sister school in NZ and AUS

The member was Mr.Kokzumi,Mr.Sasamoto,Hikari,Megumi,Ikue,Rei,Yui,Yoshimi,Mami,Mika,
Akiyo,Shoko and yuki.Opps! I forgot me

So,plus me
7 students are member of ESS clubSo,almost all students were ESS member

This visiting was soooooo great!!My host families were very kind,and students of Riccarton High School and Xavier Collage were also kind and friendry Their teachers were also very kind

I could make wounderful and unforgettable memories in this tripand I could be on better terms than before with members of this trip Thanks to everyone's help,we could experience such a good trip

Thank you!!

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